El Flamingo

Bob S
16th July 2005, 15:53
I have her recorded as operating for Hall Dredging Ltd, the EL FLAMINGO is seen passing Tilbury.
No other info known.

Steve Gray
3rd August 2005, 11:14
I may be wrong but I think the El Flamingo was an ex BP tanker and if my memory serves me well she was laid up (as the El Flamingo before conversion) in Tyne Dock in the mid 60's and we used to explore around her when I was at South Shields training school.


Jeff Egan
3rd August 2005, 11:27
I was a Pilot apprentice on the Tyne from 1964 to 1968 and there was a British tank berthed in Tyne Dock at the Buoys laid up. I think 1965 or 1966. Not sure of the name but British Defender sticks in my mind, I may be wrong my Brother in Law was with BP and it may be it was one of his ships.
Regards Jeff

7th August 2005, 17:44
the el flamingo was converted from a b p tanker by J Murphy alongside there
berth at Charlton on the Thames i worked on her for 18 months

20th November 2008, 10:42
People say you always know where you were when John F. Kennedy was killed. I was a Deck Apprentice on British Defender somewhere in the Indian Ocean. My cabin mate was Les Jones (Years later we compared our Apprentices Journals of the time), the Master was Ashman and the Mate Milward. The Mate stood at our port hole about 0600 and told us the news. Indian crew I think.The ship was a 12!!! (12,000 dwt)
Saw the ship laid up on the Tyne and then years later as a dredger (Red Funnel as I recall)

stan mayes
20th November 2008, 18:42
I saw El Flamingo ex British Defender when she was laid up in KGV dock 1981 -I think she was broken up soon after...

19th April 2011, 23:11
I can just remember seeing El Flamingo about when I started dredging in 1975. From what I can recall she was supposed to be a complete floating aggregate plant but had no end of machinery problems.


Robert Hilton
23rd April 2011, 19:29
I remember her. What a daft name. Flamingoes give their name to the flamenco dance too, but has nobody noticed that a flamingo has elbows on its knees?