SS Manaar (GFRG) Radio Room Photographs

John Leary
5th November 2008, 16:51
The link below will possibly only be of interest to ex R/O's or members with an interest in radio communications. I have visited the site before but this is the first time I have come across the photographs of Manaar's radio room. They were taken the year before I sailed on her and the room is exactly as it was when I joined her.

In 1964, P Y Wright was the Chief R/O because I remember meeting him on board when I was junior on the Mahseer. I had forgotten some of the detail, particularly the location of the aerial change-over panel. I was transported back 44 years when I saw the images being almost able to smell that unique combination of varnish, polish and stale pipe tobacco smoke!

To find the photographs, the URL is click on the button British ships post WW11 and then select ships with names starting M-R. The Manaar photographs are at the bottom of the page.

Good viewing

Tony Selman
5th November 2008, 18:41
A great spot on your behalf there John and a most interesting site for ex Marconi Sahibs. Great memories of my first trips on Matra as well because the two radio rooms are remarkably similar. Excellent. (Applause)

5th November 2008, 23:29

I did my first voyage as acting Burrah Marconi Sahib coasting round the continent on the Manaar with David Meare as the Chota Marconi Sahib for two weeks in January '64. I joined the ship in Middlesborough in freezing cold weather. She was just out of dry dock and only a scratch crew on board. The Chief Steward, whose name I've forgotten, cooked a huge fry up for dinner in the evening then we repaired to a hostelry - the Corporation??

I can still remember the adventures (!) we had with the R50M receiver, the MF transmitter that was a shade touchy to tune up accurately enough to get full power without tripping out, the radar that switched itself off all by itself, and the D/F that cra$$ed out just when we needed it most.

You definitely re-awakened a lot of nostalgic memories with this one, thanks for posting.

All the best,


John Leary
6th November 2008, 20:59
You have solved one mystery regarding the radio room photographs as they were posted on the NZ site by David Meare. Any idea what became of him because I wondered whether there were any more in that series. The BTH radar was replaced by an AEI unit in 1965 which worked without fault during the time I was on board.

Who knows perhaps in time more Brocklebank radio room photographs will appear on the Internet. Although I always had a camera with me during my time at sea I cannot understand now why I never took any photographs of the equipment. One of life's great regrets!