Queen Elizabeth 2's Farewell to the Americas

8th November 2008, 00:48
I am finally home from the most fantastic vacation I have ever had. 5 nights in New York City, 3 nights in London, 4 nights in Paris, and another 5 nights in NYC. But, if you have followed my other postings, you already know that the highlight was being onboard the Queen Elizabeth 2's Farewell to the Americas. This was her final transatlantic crossing before being retired to Dubai.

The crossing was an exercise in understated elegance. We left NYC with a flotilla of fireboats spewing water, sailboats, excursion boats, and of course, the Queen Mary 2. We did a historic tandem crossing with the QM2. I have tons of pictures of the QM2, I almost wish I had book the crossing on her, so I could have all those pictures of the QE2. However, it was worth it to be on the QE2 for the final time. If you go to the Cunard website, www.cunard.com there are pictures of both ships leaving New York Harbour. It truely was a spectacular sight.

I was surprised that there wasn't more "spectacle" going onboard the ship, but it typical Brittish attitude, everything was subdued. Of course there were the parties, dinners, and the usual activities you would expect, but that also just left more time for enjoying the ship herself one last time. I met a great group of people onboard and we hit it off immediately. I have never had such a fun time with total strangers. (get your mind out of the gutter).

I booked an inside single stateroom that was quite comfortable. Much bigger than the outside single I had booked on her last time I did a crossing. However, I really didn't use the stateroom much, not wanting to leave to public areas of the ship. I just wanted to enjoy her as much as possible.

The food onboard wasn't always as spectacular as you would expect, but sometimes it was incredible. I had a Beef Wellington that was so great, I even took pictures of it before I ate it.

Speaking of pictures, I took so many pics on the vacation, I am just going to post them online and will let everyone here know the website address so you can view them. Of course, some of the best pics will be posted here.

Chat with you again soon,
Rich Quote

8th November 2008, 09:35
Saltcay Sounds as though you had a jolly good trip on the QE2, will be looking forward to your photos in due course.

Another Man
21st November 2008, 02:31
Congratulations, Saltcay, I can read the joy in your words. Keep that memory forever.