ship "FLORA"

9th November 2008, 15:49
Hello, just joined the site, hoping someone will be able to help. My ancester Thomas James Larking served on the ship "FLORA". In the 1871 census he is listed as ' Warrant Officer R.N' On the 1881 census he is not at home but his wife is listed as ' wife of Warrant Officer R.N'. Anybody know anything about this ship, i cant seem to find anything on google. Any info would be much appreciated

9th November 2008, 15:57
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If you google and look under Astraea Class cruisers you will find the info you are looking for or google HMS Flora to bring up the same site.

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9th November 2008, 17:01
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11th November 2008, 12:10
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This doesn't answer your question but I thought I'd first check to see if you have your ancestor's RN service record. If not, could this be it here?

Born in Greenwich, Kent, in 29 March 1854. That would make him about 17 in 1871, which does seem young to be a warrant officer (non-commissioned officer) but possible I guess (though I'm no expert).


Steve Woodward
11th November 2008, 20:21
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I only have a few brief details of HMS Flora but when I return home I will see what else I can come up with, she was a second class protected cruiser, protected means that the deck was protected over the magazines and machinery but no other armour was fitted.
The Atraea class, like most RN classes, were developements of the preceeding classes in this case the Apollo class, they were larger to improve habitability and more importantly sea-worthiness, they were however, like the Apollo class woefully under-gunned.
Flora was built by Pembroke dockyard 1891-95 being launched on the 21st November 1893
L 339'06" Beam 49'06" Draft 19'00" Disp 4,350 tons full load
Machinery : twin screws, three cylinder triple expansion steam engines 7,500 ihp 18 knots on natural draft and circa 9,000 ihp / 19.5 knots when under forced draught coal capacity circa 1,000 tons
Armament : two single mount shielded 6" C40 QF guns, one forwards one aft, eight single shielded casemate mounted 4.7" QF guns mounted four on either beam, ten six pounder and one 3 pounder QF Hotchkiss guns, QF = Quick firing, this means that the guns fired shell and cartridge combined, the single load meant faster firing. The six inch guns fired a projectile weighing 100lbs ( the whole unit weighed circa 150 lbs to a range of 5.5 to 6 miles.
The Flora also carried four 18" submerged torpedo tubes, one on the centre line forward and aft and one on either beam aft in line with the main mast.
Armour as stated above was 2" thick locsated over the magazines and machinery spaces only, the six inch guns had 6" face plates.
Crew 310 to 320 men
Not very modern even when newly built Flora did little and was up for sale prior to WW1 but there were no buyers so in about 1912-3 she became a floating workshop at Devonport and in 1915 became the IndusII, a training ship, in April 1915.
In 1922 she was sold for scrap meetine her end at the breakers yard in Dover