Ellerman Lines War Losses 1939 - 1945

Hugh MacLean
9th November 2008, 15:42
Hello all,

At the outbreak of WWII the Ellerman Line owned 105 cargo and passenger ships and by the end of hostilities in 1945 they had paid a very heavy price - 60 vessels had been lost.

There is a lot of information in books and on the Web about the company but I couldn't find a complete list of war losses anywhere so I decided to write this up.

http://www.sscityofcairo.co.uk/warlosses.php (http://www.sscityofcairo.co.uk/warlosses.php)

Please feel free to point out any errors or omissions.


Nova Scotian
9th November 2008, 17:31
Nice work Hugh.......in 1968/69 I sailed with Captain Rex Broadbent on the City of Eastbourne. His Nories tables had a list of all his ships on the inside cover.

One of the Ellerman vessels listed was followed by a U-boat and then a Japanese vessel before the list of Ellerman vessels resumed. Apparantly, when a young second mate, his vessel had been sunk and some of the surviving crew had been taken on board the U-boat before being handed over to a Japanese vessel. Rex was to spend the remaining war years in a Japanese POW camp. I'm not sure of all the details but I believe his vessel was sunk in the Indian Ocean.

Noel Broadbent
10th November 2008, 12:51

My Dad was Rex Broadbent, I would be very interested to hear from you as you sailed with him

thanks & rgds

Noel Broadbent