Fleet oiler Brambleleaf

11th November 2017, 15:07
On Armistice Day my father used to boast that while serving on the Brambleleaf in convoy from New York towards Scapa Flow and refuelling escort vessels as required they received a signal that an Armistice had been signed and WW1 was over, within a couple of hours, he claimed, the convoy had been left hull down as Brambleleaf had gone up to top speed, presume the escort vessels had sufficient fuel to complete the passage without her. Anyone know her top speed, 14 knots perhaps ?


16th February 2018, 16:27
According to Tony James - 16 knots

17th February 2018, 16:17
George, this is ww1! I would be more inclined for 8/9 knots. Any thoughts?.

17th February 2018, 20:52
Ships Of The Royal Navy (pub 1941) lists her speed as 14 knots.