Trentbank(2) any information needed

Cathy w
10th November 2008, 12:33
Hello, I need any informaion on the Trentbank (2). Built for the Bankline in 1962, sank in the port of Alexandria in september 1964. I would really like to know if this ship was raised. Any help greatly recieved.

10th November 2008, 12:44

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K urgess
10th November 2008, 13:00
Welcome aboard, Cathy.
It looks like she's still there.
I'm sure the crew will soon let you know if her fate is other than a watery grave.
Have a good voyage on our happy ship.

bert thompson
10th November 2008, 16:01
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10th November 2008, 16:29
Hi, welcome to this motley crew. The information I have on Trentbank is as follows, 1964 Collision with Fos?? 70 Miles NNW of Alexandria, taken in tow to Port Said but foundered about 8 miles off shore.
1966 Refloated and towed keel uppermost to Greece
1970 Broken up in Piraeus

10th November 2008, 16:30
Greetings Cathy and welcome to SN from a member in the south of England. Bon voyage.

10th November 2008, 17:55
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11th November 2008, 00:48
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Dave Edge
11th November 2008, 21:56
Trentbank collided with the Portuguese tanker Fogo on 18 September 1964 NNW of Alexandria en route Port Pirie to Liverpool. If I remember correctly both were westbound and the Trentbank suffered an auto-pilot malfunction and sheered across the bows of the Fogo. She was taken in tow the following day by the Liberian tanker Harold H. Helm but foundered off Port Said on the 24th. Refloated the following day and towed to Piraeus where she arrived 6 December to be broken up. Apparently she wasn't broken up until 1970.

6th January 2013, 15:31
I found this photo of an upturned ship being towed by a Vernicos tug.

In a 1977 articles, K.Vernicos mentioned of "a almost recent salvage of TRENTBANK and towage to Piraeus from Port Said, upside down".
Could this be a photo of this event?