Another Brocklebank tale

11th November 2008, 16:31
There was a marine super called Cadwaladr in Brocks during and just after
WW2. A newish ship whose name I forget had discharged at Glasgow and was being reversed out of the dock into the river sternfirst. There was a tug at the stern only. It was a windy day and the ship was flying light. Cadwaladr was at the quayside overseeing the casting off etc and motored around to the knuckle at the river entrance. The mate and some of the crew were at stations and the carpenter was standing by the windlass.
As the stern entered the river the bow was being blown sideways towards the knuckle where Cadwaladr was standing and it was obvious that the bow would strike the knuckle so the order was shouted to the Mate - "Let go Port anchor !"
Paniuc stations as "chippy" frantically released the brake - unfortunatley the wrong one - the Starboard brake. The bow struck just as the anchor dropped with a roar - onto the dock !! Cadwaladr took off smartly away from the shower of rust which accompanied the anchor and chain - he narrowly missed being flattened.
Happy days