Brocklebank cadet ships

11th November 2008, 17:47
I am a new member and I see that in 2005 there was discussion of the cadet ships in Brocks. I sailed with Phil Brand , now crossed the bar. He was Mate on the old Mathura - 1947 I think. He told me some funny experiences when he was on the Makalla as a cadet. One was of their being in Kiddapore Dock in Calcutta , loaded ready for away and due to exit the dock about 5am.
On the passage out they had lost a lifeboat - smashed in heavy weather so there was a gap between the lifeboats.
All the officers were turned in whilst a lot of the cadets were ashore painting the town red. After midnight two gharries brought some of them to the dock and they had a brilliant idea. They clubbed together and purchased the ancient gharry and the gharry- walla unhooked his horse and went off. The lads then swarmed aboard, swung out the radial davits and they all heaved the gharry on board and lowered it onto the chocks and tidied up.
Result - everyone turned to in the early darkness and the ship locked out into the Hooghly and proceeded downstream.
Daylight came and the Captain and Pilot glanced aft and saw the strange sight of a gharry in the line of boats !
Another was of them being on the Spanish coast and a troupe of dancing girls cadged a lift down the coast and were smuggled on board and hidden down below. I forget the outcome !

Derek Roger
11th November 2008, 20:08
If you look in my gallery Sid I have a few photographs of the Makalla 1925/26 .
My father was a cadet at the tender age of 15 first trip to sea . There is one of the Makalla dance band to with Dad at the piano . He sailed with Phil Brand ; Yeg Thomas and his good friend was John Watson Ross who was a cadet when Dad was 3rd Mate on the Matheran ; also sailing as 4th Engineer was Dave Mc Grouther whom I think you would know .

Regards Derek

11th November 2008, 20:28
i remember Captain Brand when he was in charge of cadet training.

13th November 2008, 22:41
Amazing - will look at the photos of Makalla. Watson Ross was Mate of the Maihar on my 1st trip in 1943..Don't know the others. Phil Brand became a BOT examiner I believe. I called on him with Peter Margesson once after he retired - he lived on the Wirral. Paddy Jackson was Mate on the Matheran in 1945 if I remember rightly. There were 3 Brock chaps here in Bramhall - Peter Margesson, Peter Gunson and me. I'm the only one left now.