21st July 2005, 10:26
Hello Everryone
I am new here ,I worked on the Cardiffbrook round about 63/64, i wonder if any one has a picture of her and what happenened to her and the company.
Thanks for anything you can tell me.

21st July 2005, 11:09
Welcome Chris, hope you enjoy the site and find what you are looking for.

Comben Longstaff & Co. Ltd. Book is available on the following site, £29.99, but apparently rare. (

Also available form here but 1p more expensive (

21st July 2005, 13:57
Welcome Chris, I am sure you will enjoy the site as the MAJORITY of us have all been to sea and if you want answers to any nautical question somebody here will have them for you.

michael james
21st July 2005, 15:10
Welcome Chris, enjoy the site, sure someone will come up with a photo of Cardiffbrook
and/or her history after you left her.

25th July 2005, 15:28
Hello and Welcome Chris
Re. the "CARDIFFBROOK" .She went to a Greek Co. circa 1969 changed ownership in 1972 and lasted until 1983.The almost identical "CARDIGANBROK"
which was steam powered was scrapped 1970.In 1980 F.T.Everard managed or leased what was left of the "brookboats" and some loaded for the Falklands after the war there

27th February 2007, 21:37
hi chris, joined cardiffbrook 1964/65 at portishead ,coal from goole to cork, grain from amsterdam to belfast, ect. loved every day she was my first ship

27th February 2007, 22:16
Hello Chris
Came across it in “Merchant Ships British Built 1952” sorry about the quality of the scan.