Ovington Court

Lynton Trahern
21st November 2008, 15:21
I have received information on this vessl which was wrecked of Durban South Africa whilst sailing in convoy BN 5 around mid September 1940 from Aden to Suez.

The vessel was originally named Amblestone built in Cardiff. The wreck is still visible at low tide off Addington Beach.For interest I have the ships bell engraved Amblestone as my front door bell at home.My late grandfather was employed by John.T.Rennie and Sons as claims manager during world war 2 and was responsible for issues of this sort. Hence having the ships bell!

Does anyone out there know anything more about this vessel and the cargo/persons on board etc.If so please let me know.

Many thanks, regards,

Lynton Trahern

21st November 2008, 19:44
Yes Lynton - take a look at the link below and go to the Court Line pages where there are photos and a history of what happened.