Hobart Star

Mick quinn
25th November 2008, 21:20
Hi everyone
Just wondered if there was anyone who would remember me from the Hobart Star from October 1969 to May 1970. I joined the ship in Liverpool, very dangerous for a London pool based man, and sailed to South Africa. I believe that we then went on charter between SA and Australia. Crew relief in Cape Town and flew home to Luton by Dan Air (flew being a generous meaning of the word) Flight took nearly 24 hours and seemed to spend more time on tarmac than in air.
Joined HS as under contract to Port Line, upset someone there as refused to join a box boat (ACT Line), and was sent to what was then Blue Port as punishment.
If memory serves me, HS was built by Bremer Vulkan in Hamburg in 1956 and was a bit of a cultural shock as I had been in single berth cabins with Port Line.
Mick Quinn ( S.O.S. whilst on board)