24th July 2005, 13:04
Hello one and all finding my way around but finding it a very interesting site.
I'm an old R/O and first went to sea in 1952 on the Old BI pax ship Mantola
for Marconi Marine attached to the EastHam Depot and went on from there to
Harwich /Antwerp on the Dewsbury, then to Various companies until I saw the light and went FREELANCE first with A.G.Pappadakis of London for about 10 years then various other London Greek co.s Then with ZIM lines of Haifa
for a few years and ended up with Maritime Fruit Carriers of Haifa Bannanacore/Guavacore/Lemoncore etc etc.Then went offshore with Brown & Roots/Mcdermot/Raymond offshore and finally with Allseas engineering Co
of Delft Holland pipelaying vessels all over the world 5 weeks on and 5 weeks off.
Now retired and living in Holland


michael james
24th July 2005, 13:29
Pat. Welcome to SN. You will find other exR/O members here, hope you enjoy the site and look forward to hearing of your experiences at sea.

Please take the time to read the thread "Guidelines To Posting" in either the Members Notice Board or Say Hello forums. Should help with any questions you may have regarding posting to the Site.

24th July 2005, 16:12
Hi Pat,

Welcome to a great site. I hope that you will be able to share some of your
stories (many I am sure) with us. As Michael says, there are many ex R/O's
like me on this site.

Don't forget to get the Dutch flag next to your name!


Ivor Lloyd
24th July 2005, 23:16
Hello Pat
Welcome aboard. I too am an ex R/O but a bit older than you I think. I first went to sea in 1942. Was on the BI SS SURADA when we were torpedoed in 1944 in Indian Ocean. You sure have had a most interesting career.
Ivor lloyd

Doug Rogers
25th July 2005, 00:25
Welcome aboard Pat. Enjoy the site and the company. Look forward to your contributions.

25th July 2005, 08:44
Welcome Pat. You've had a very interesting career it would seem. Enjoy the site and what we have to offer.

26th July 2005, 03:52
Pat - Did you by any chance used to hang around the Merchant Navy Hotel in Hull (early late '60s).

John T.