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Jim Brady
29th November 2008, 16:44
Hi to all you ex gravesenders(I dont know anything about peanuts) I went
there Dec56/Jan57.Our class only did 5 weeks as Xmas fell during our intake.
Providing you had your fare you could go home for the week.I remember the
fare 3-10s all the way from Gsnd to liverpool,that was a lot of money in those days.I noted a posting (5/10/08) from Larry Crowley,Larry talks about
the storekeeper.My experience is this,I was in line waiting tobe kitted out
and the boys in front of me were having great banter with the storekeeper he
was letting them try on their berets and in some case their jackets I thought
what a nice man.I stepped up and gave in my name,the next thing without
warning uniform ,piss jackets,white jackets,shirts.collars and shoes came
flying over the half door,I was left to collect it altogether.I didn't know what
I'd done to upset this guy.A number of my class mates noticed what had
happened so it became the topic of conversation.I dont know how we found
this out the man was Mr.Phillips he had a long scar down the right hand side
of his face and the story was that he was at the Vindi and a "Scouser" was
responsible for the scar so every "scouser" fom then on would suffer.

K urgess
29th November 2008, 17:03
Welcome to the crew, Jim.
Plenty of lads aboard this ship who went to Gravesend.
Find your way around and enjoy the trip.

29th November 2008, 17:30
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

Bruce Carson
29th November 2008, 17:34
Jim, a warm welcome to Ships Nostalgia, it's good to have you onboard.
Make yourself at home and join in our friendly discussions at any time.


29th November 2008, 18:08
Welcome from Lancashire.
I hope you will enjoy the site.

bert thompson
29th November 2008, 20:21
Welcome Jim to this wonderful site
Best wishes

30th November 2008, 00:49
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

30th November 2008, 11:29

A warm welcome to the site from the Isle of Anglesey!
I hope you thoroughly enjoy the SN experience and get many happy hours entertainment from your membership. (Thumb)

1st December 2008, 12:22
Greetings Jim and welcome to SN. Interesting first story. Bon voyage.

1st December 2008, 13:36
Welcome aboard Jim