2 quick questions

3rd December 2008, 01:54
I only got a C, but they ask for a B. Do you know of any way that they'll accept that?

Secondly, if I joined at 18, would I be allowed to leave at 28 to join the Royal Navy?


3rd December 2008, 08:56
Presuming you are talking about joining the RFA Tim, the answer probably depends on how desperate they are to recruit you and whether they were impressed with your interview.
You can leave at any time but whether the RN would then take you is a totally different question.
Anyway why on earth would you want to?

3rd December 2008, 09:50
Ah! Now I understand!!

May I suggest you try looking at the RFA's own website or try looking at the Rum Ration site - the unoficial RN site. On Rum Ration there are members who are recruiters and a lot of young guys like youself asking questions to which - to be honest with you - we do not know the answers.

You could even contact the RFA and ask the question.

I do not know what you are intending to do in the RFA but it might not be so easy to transfer accross. Again to be honest with you I think starting an RN career at 28 is probably a bit old anyway.


3rd December 2008, 15:36
What I'd like to do in the RFA is to join as an ETO cadet. They ask for a B at GCSE maths. I got a C.

3rd December 2008, 15:48
As previously stated, only the RFA can answer your question. Why not do a crash course and take the exam again?

3rd December 2008, 16:15
I really do not understand this Tim. In my day we did exams in the summer and a re-sit was possible in September but we are now approaching Christmas!

At the end of the day, if you can not get a maths GCSE at the right grade the seafaring life is not for you I am sorry to say.

As I said before, the only people who can teel you for certain is the RFA themselves.


3rd December 2008, 16:57
heh. I was in a bad spot during my GCSE times. I did ok, but I could have done better. 'nough said.

3rd December 2008, 23:33
I think there is every chance they will take you, C or not.
Give it a try.

7th April 2009, 01:49
Just being curious again,what qualifications do you need to join the RFA
does being ex RN pull any strings, for instance if I wanted to join after doing 20 years in the navy and come out as a CPO would the RFA except me,
too old now to think about it but my mate left the service as a leading hand and joined the Merchant service and ended up as a B`son( is this equivilant to a navy chief)-----I often wish that I had gone into the Merchant service after my naval service, my old man was MN thro`and thro` and was disappointed because I never followed him by going into the MN.

10th April 2009, 16:15
Read all about it here Ceylon. - http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/operations-and-support/rfa/join-us/

Neil Mant
10th April 2009, 17:19
Try asking your questions here just register, post your questions in the forum.