new member

26th July 2005, 05:52
hi guys just a quick hello for now im pete from hull and was at sea for 24 years but now dissabled due to a fall on a mearsk tanker

26th July 2005, 07:15
Welcome to the site Pete after 24 years at sea I'm sure we are all looking forward to your input, hope you get as much enjoyment from it as we do.

Doug Rogers
26th July 2005, 07:19
Hi Pete, welcome aboard and to the the site and the people involved. Look forward to your postings, after that sort of time at sea you must have many a yarn to tell!!. Please refer to the thread "Guidelines to Posting" in either the Members Notice Board or Say Hello forums for information of posting, should give you the necessary information that you will need. Enjoy.....

26th July 2005, 07:47
Welcome aboard, Pete. Enjoy the site and what we have to offer. Look forward to your contributions.

michael james
26th July 2005, 09:03
Welcome Pete, concur with all above, enjoy !