Marconi 365 EZ key

7th December 2008, 23:31
Recently I purchased a M.I.M.C. Co 365 EZ Key.

Any available on-line manual or article about this famouse piece ?

Thanks you.

Fabio, IK0IXI / K3QS

K urgess
7th December 2008, 23:37
Welcome aboard, Fabio.
I've never seen a manual for one.
Nothing much to write about.
They were changed to go with whichever transmitter they fitted depending on if the smoothing chokes and desensitising was done at the key or in the transmitter.
Mechanically there's nothing to go wrong except rust.

9th December 2008, 17:26
Thanks you Kris.
I found an interesting article about Marconi 365 keys series at

See you soon.


9th December 2008, 21:39
I thought you just press the key and it goes "dit" or "dah" depending on how long you hold it down! :)

K urgess
9th December 2008, 22:17
Not one of these, Brian.
The ultimate key (365EZ) was purely handmatic. Has caged roller bearings fitted.
You had to make the dits and dahs manually. [=P]

An interesting link, Fabio.
Unfortunately the 365B is becoming a little too expensive. I also found it a bit of a "clunker". The 365EZ is still my favourite.


Tai Pan
11th December 2008, 13:32
Proper sparks could send for hours on a 365 key. I have a D in my shack. none of your fancy yankee type keys.