Boston Fishing Smack 1881

Graham Kimber
15th December 2008, 17:06
From Carol and Graham Kimber
Hi Everybody

I am trying to locate information on a distant relative "Thomas Strickland" last seen on census of 1881 on board the fishing smack "The Martin" on the Dogger Fishing grounds. "strange that a census should be taken on such a small vessel whilst fishing"
His address around that time was church street Boston, lincs,UK.
we are trying to locate the owner/s of the smack "the martin"
Do you have any ideas as to where I should begin.
We do have 5 other crew members names
Please send me a PM if you can help
all the best for the moment Graham

K urgess
15th December 2008, 17:40
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I've removed the email address from your post. Not a good idea on a public site that can be accessed easily. Best to use the Private Message (PM) system.
I'm sure someone in the crew will be able to help.
All vessels had to complete a census return as close to the census date as possible. My GGF was 100 miles east of Spurn on census day.
Find your way around the ship and enjoy the voyage.

Bruce Carson
15th December 2008, 18:09
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15th December 2008, 20:56
Carol & Graham,

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bert thompson
15th December 2008, 21:23
Welcome Graham. Sure someone will give you the answers to your query
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15th December 2008, 23:01
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15th December 2008, 23:17
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15th December 2008, 23:18
The date of the census, and therefore the smack predates the setting up in 1885 of the Boston Fishing Company which eventually became the Boston Deep Sea Fishing and Trawling co. Ltd, and was probably owned by either a small co operative or by a single skipper owner, and as such records will be meager.
However, the Town Docks museum, in Hull, and especially the curator Arthur Credland is well worth a contact, as they hold many records of the early years of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire fisheries, and may be your best bet.

16th December 2008, 14:42
Greetings Graham and welcome to SN. Merry christmas and bon voyage.

18th December 2008, 15:20

It may have been a common name but I guess this could be the end of the same smack your ancestor was on in 1881:

The Times, Friday, Nov 01, 1889
Shipping News
The Martin, smack, wrecked at Boulmer, has slipped off rocks and
sunk in about four fathoms, and lies on her beam ends. Cargo break-
ing up in her as she rolls. Little chance of salvage of cargo.


18th December 2008, 19:32
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