William Petersen Ltd

jerry Murland
18th December 2008, 20:12
I'm researching a WW1 soldier - William Sinclair Petersen, the son of William Petersen the northern shipowner. I'm findng it very hard to get any information about Petersen the ship owner. He was around obviously at the turn of the 20th Century and at one time owned the Island of Eighh. I believe he eventually became Sir William Petersen and was a Dane by birth?
Does anyone have any info about the company or about Petersen himself or know of any printed sources I might try?
many thanks
Jerry Murland

19th December 2008, 11:27
Greetings Jerry and a warm welcome to SN. Good luck with your search. Bon voyage.

ian d.cameron
19th December 2008, 12:38
The only reference to William Petersen Ltd I can find, is in BT 31/9142/67736 at the National Archives. (Companies Registration Office: Files of Dissolved Companies) for 1900
I have no idea what this file would contain or if it would be any use to you.
I hope some other members will come up with other more information.