After long time back again

19th December 2008, 23:31

After a very long tiome ago I am back in my interestst in Blue Star the classic liner ships which I love much. However I have lost all my informationa nd also my photo's so I must completely re start again. Would like to ask if there is somebody who is able/willing to help me in this very interested shipping company

Thanks and best regards


19th December 2008, 23:49
Welcome from Lancashire.
I hope you enjoy the site.

Sorry to hear you have lost your information and photos. For a start you should check out the Gallery on the site - it has a search tool. There is also a search tool for threads so give that a try as well.

Good luck!

20th December 2008, 00:00 might help you.

roy quirk
10th January 2009, 01:18
Also for every ship that existed!