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21st December 2008, 12:57
Hello there,

My grandmother's cousin was a Captain with Lamport & Holt in the 1930's - 40's, his name was Owen Stanley Price, he was awarded the OBE, but I can't find why he got it?, He served on the Browning, Thespis, he also worked for Stanhope Steam Ship Co.
Can anyone help?


non descript
21st December 2008, 13:28
Tollers, warm welcome to you. Thank you for joining the site, and hopefully someone will pop us with some background and some news on your relative Owen Stanley Price, in the meantime, enjoy all that is here and we very much look forward to your further postings in due course. (Thumb)

21st December 2008, 14:14
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Hugh MacLean
21st December 2008, 15:30
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According to the Supplement To The London Gazette issue 9th Jan 1946, Captain Owen Stanley Price was serving as Master of the ss STANREALM belonging to the Stanhope SS Co when he received his honour.


22nd December 2008, 11:47
Hi Hugh,

Thanks for finding that for me, I found Owen captain of the Stanrealm during WW2. I looked at my local library in the Whos Who and searched from 1945 to 1960 and wasn't able to locate him.

Thanks again

22nd December 2008, 14:58
Hi Tollers
'Stanrealm' was built by Bartram & Son, Sunderland for the Stanhope SS Co (J.A.Billmeir & Co Ltd) in 1944 as Yard No 300 to Stanhope's own order. Launched 24 April 1944. She was 7062 Grt. In 1960 she went to Liberty Shipping Co, Hong Kong and renamed 'Fortune Glory' and arrived HK on 27 June 1963 for breaking up.
The book Jack Billmeir Merchant Shipowner by P M Heaton has two excellent photos of her, one by Skyfotos and the other Welsh Industrial & Maritime Museum.
There is nothing in this book regarding anything out of the ordinary happening to the ship and no mention of your ancestor, although by the end of the War the following Billmeir's personnel had received the following awards: DSO X 2, OBE X 10, MBE X 4, DSC X 15, DSM X17, BEM x 6, Mention in Despatches x 9 and Commendations 12.
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