My Very First Logging!!

Phil Saul
23rd December 2008, 02:58
We were on the buoys in Yokohama and I had spent the night ashore with a bar girl.

I jumped out of the taxi at 05.30 to see the launch disappearing into the mist and had to wait for the next one, which meant that I was 30min late turning to.
I was expecting a bollocking and a warning, which I duly got, but mid-morning the Chief Steward approached me, told me to change into my white jacket and blues (typical Blue Flue bullsh*t, in Federal it was just jeans and T-shirt) and escorted me to the Bridge where the Mate logged me two days pay.
To say that I was totally p*ssed off would be an understatement, particularly when I later found out that if I had jumped back into the taxi, returned to my girlfriends place and spent the rest of the day in bed with her, it would still have only cost me two days pay.

The fact that I had spent the previous two and a half years with the company turning to every morning at least fifteen minutes before the official turn-to time of 06.00 (yep!! I was real brown nosed company man!!) cut no ice with either the Mate or the Chief Steward.

At that point I decided that I was going to be at sea for a good time - not a long time.

Subsequently, as the catering department never got a day off, no matter how long the trip lasted, I decided that I would take a day off every trip, at a time and place of my own choosing, with or without permission.

Since permission was never forthcoming, it always cost me two days pay and my stock response to the standard question when being logged, 'Do you have anything to say for yourself ?' was always, 'She was well worth two days pay Chief', even though she very rarely ever was!!.

Always wondered whether my response was actually recorded in the log-book!!

Needless to say, 'Bluies' and I parted company a couple of years later and it's interesting to speculate on whether, if I had not missed that launch, would I still have been around when the company finally went down the gurgler.

Probably not, but who knows. (and who cares, I hear you say)

Regards Phil (Thumb)