Chap called Bonner

23rd December 2008, 18:10
Shortly after ww2 when I was standing by a ship in L'pool ( forget which) there was a very nice chap called Bonner who came downquite fequently. It truned out he was being groomed as general Manager of Cunard. and was gaining experience of ships hands-on. He used to have coffee with us and he and I had something in common as I came from Penmaenmawr in North Wales and he lived in a wonderful place up in the hills from the Conway valley - near Lake Crafnant. He loved hill walking and spent the weekends at home and the working week in Liverpool.
I forgot about him until several years later I enquired about him and was told that just as he was about to be appointed GM, he resigned. He had decided that he did not wish to have the job and he took a job labouring with the forestry commisssion in N Wales whilst his wife opened the home as a B&B.
I admired someone who could reach such a decision. Most of us would be dazzled by the kudos of a high position !

john g
28th December 2008, 20:35
What a sensible chap......I seem to recall a bod from ICI accounts defecting to the Festiniog Railway some years ago......all very good if you can afford to do it.

Derek Roger
29th December 2008, 02:56
Keep the yarms coming Sid ; I love them . Derek

29th December 2008, 18:24
Thanks for the kind words Derek. My lady wife gives me a regular "testimonial" (nice word for bollo***g) for bothering about things in the past and spending so much time on the computer> I have an aircraft simulator on it too and try my hand at doing circuits !!