james nourse

24th December 2008, 12:57
any one around from iimmy nourse 1954 to 1962

24th December 2008, 14:47
I was on the James Nourse "Mutlah" as R/O durring that period.

Very happy ship and great food though I do remember the Engineers having a hell of a problem with the Engine , crankshaft fractured mid Indian Ocean, they struggled hard to fix it but eventually it was impossible. We ended up being towed first to Aden thence on arrival there an immediate tow all the way down to the ship repairers in Durban RSA.

We had two Masters during my time aboard, both great guys. a Scotsman and a Liverpudlian , think the latters name was Capt Kelly.

Alas after many months in Durban and major repairs involving a new crankshaft being shipped out on the Union Castle Mailboat from Southampton and the engine reassembled and subsequently a return to the UK.

Believe "MUTLAH" completed two voyages more before being sold off to Hong Kong Interests.

Great Ship and Happy Memories