Calling all ex City Boat crewmen

jg grant
29th December 2008, 02:39
HI from NZ. It was a dark and stormy night as the story goes. I was walking through the Durban docks from the Cairnforth which was chartered to ED's at the time ,around 1964. I stopped to watch a city boat coming in to berth at a fair rate of knots. I realised she wasn't going to make it and stood transfixed. Bells and whistles sounded and I could see figures running from the f'cstle head .Up she came on the wharf with a crash. There were three dockside cranes at that point and I watched her hit the first one which rocked on its wheels . The same with the second one. The third one rocked too while I stood gaping but this one kept coming. I did a cartoon take off,legs pumping on air and dived under a wagon.The crane brought down power lines which sizzled and flashed.It's true, twisting metal does scream and the sheer noise was stunning. I was unhurt but absolutely gobsmacked by what I had seen. I wonder is there any crewmen out there who might have been on that ship? I'd like to hear that side of the story. JGG

30th December 2008, 02:14
Cripes JG, I'm suprised,
how you have managed to sleep these last 45 years with this experience/curiosity on yourmind. :-)