From Kathy

29th December 2008, 08:57

I have just joined.

I am trying to find Geordie Cook who sailed on the Union Rotoiti and or the Union Rotarua. Last time I heard from him he resided in Auckland New Zealand.

He was a mate of my husbands who worked on the docks here in Melbourne, Australia and we lost touch until this Christmas when I received a Christmas card from him. the card was post marked from Hobart, Australia.

I am hoping that somebody may know of his exact whereabouts or know of him and would be able to pass onto him that I am trying to locate him.

Kathy Fawcett
Gladstone Park Victoria Australia (Tullamarine - where the big jets fly)

non descript
29th December 2008, 09:50
Kathy, warm welcome to you. Thank you for joining the site, and we hope you can find a good reply to your query, we also very much look forward to your further postings in due course. (Thumb)

29th December 2008, 10:06
Greetings Kathy and a welcome to SN from a cold south of England. Bon voyage.

bert thompson
29th December 2008, 10:57
Welcome Kathy to this great site. Hope you soon locate your friend
Best wishes

29th December 2008, 11:32
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

Steve Woodward
29th December 2008, 11:34
Best of luck in finding your friend, enjoy your time with us

29th December 2008, 11:45
Thanks guys for welcoming me.


29th December 2008, 11:50
Welcome from Lancashire.
I hope you make contact.

K urgess
29th December 2008, 11:52
Welcome aboard, Kathy.
Best of luck with your search.
We have quite a crew aboard the ship from Tasmania.
Enjoy the voyage.

Bruce Carson
29th December 2008, 16:49
Kathy, a warm welcome to Ships Nostalgia.
Here's hoping that a member will have the needed information for you.


30th December 2008, 03:25

A warm welcome to the site from the Isle of Anglesey!
I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time on SN and get many happy hours entertainment from your membership. (Thumb)