Steel Ships, Iron Crosses, and Refugees: The German Navy in the Baltic, 1939-1945 by

29th December 2008, 16:47
Hear that? That's the sound of a l o n g shot being fired!

I am really interested in getting a readable copy of this book. The cheapest I have found it in the UK is on Amazon at almost 150 (far too expensive) and then cheapest overseas in the US at $88!

I would really like to get my hands oin this book for no other reason that this is the period and area of the Second World bWar I am interested in. Anyone know where there is a cheaper version? Anyone have one that they'd be willing to sell? A reasonable price of course!

I am also interested in the Handelsmarine of this period - German Merchant Navy - and if anyone knows any good lnks (etc) to this - in English - I would appreciate it!

Many thanks


K urgess
29th December 2008, 17:30
Four of them on Abebooks, Jonty.
All a bit expensive but cheaper than Amazon

29th December 2008, 23:15

Cheers for that - yes, very much cheaper! I'll order it in the New Year so as to have something to read mid Jan!

Many thanks!


29th December 2008, 23:52
One slight drawback I have found with Abebooks is that their database is often out of date and after ordering a book you get a note saying that it is not in stock. You will get a rapid refund but it can be a bit annoying.

K urgess
30th December 2008, 00:15
Depends on how often the vendor updates their listings, Brian.
You pays your money and you takes your chance some times.
Usually because the books are also for sale elsewhere. Our books used to be listed on three different sites as well as our own so it was quite easy to find several people after the same book if it became popular.
Normally we have to tell Abebooks we have the item before the customer is billed.
I must admit that there are several out there, usually at the cheaper end of the market, who tend to say they have it automatically and then do a refund when they can't find it.
You can always check with the vendor before hand to make sure they've got it.