Steve J
31st July 2005, 18:25
I'm Steve Jones ex engineer Shaw Savill line 1973 - 1978
now retired and living in Spain

31st July 2005, 18:30
welcome you must be a bronzy addict

31st July 2005, 19:16
Welcome aboard, Steve. Enjoy the site and what we have to offer.

John Rogers
31st July 2005, 20:08
Welcome to the best site on the internet,be prepared to get hooked.

michael james
31st July 2005, 20:31
Welcome aboard Steve, Hope you enjoy the atmosphere on site - it seems to be addictive.

Have neighbour who was E/O with Shaw Saville between those years, by name of Chris Gilder ?

Steve J
31st July 2005, 20:53
Thanks, Unfortunately I don't remember Chris Gilder but then my memory isn't what it was!!

31st July 2005, 21:02
My user name is portogrande because that is the name of my «lover» the bay where is the port of St. Vincent, Cape Verde in the past known by a good number of seafarers. However my real name is Amiro Faria; I am electromechanical engineer and I spent 26 years of my life dealling with fishing vessels. However I have a full interest for all kind of ships. I am very glad in joining this forum

michael james
31st July 2005, 21:26
portogrande/ Amiro
You are very welcome to SN, your interest is the same as ours. Anything that you wish to know - just ask and someone will help.

michael james
31st July 2005, 21:30
SteveJ. It was along shot anyway with a Company the size of Shaw Saville !
What ships were you on ? Regards

Steve J
1st August 2005, 13:54
Hi Mike
I was on the
Northern Star 73 - 75
Cedric - coasting 76
Drina - deep sea 77
Ionic - coasting 78
Megantic - coasting 78
Were you on any?

michael james
1st August 2005, 14:32
Hi Steve, No I was a one company man - Brocklebanks - throughout career, I will find out which ships Chris Gilder was on and get back to you. I do know he was mainly Shaw Saville but did some trips on Houlder Bros and I have heard him mention Federal Line.

dave w
7th August 2005, 00:39
Hi Im Dave Wilson Ex Engineer Shaw Savill sailing on the Corinthic. and
Afric. Happy Days.

michael james
7th August 2005, 00:58
Welcome Dave,
I am sure you will enjoy the site. Hope you make contact with shipmates you sailed with in Shaw Saville days.

7th August 2005, 11:46
Welcome Steve and Dave, the days of slow starvation are now over, eat well

10th August 2005, 10:18
I use to work with and still see from time to time, Roger Mimmack who was ex Shaw Savill. Anybody remember him ??