Cape Horn & Tierra del Fuego

2nd January 2009, 11:30
I have a little book - "Cape Horn" by Felix Reisenberg, Master Mariner in steam and sail, Lieut Commander US Navy. It is a history of the area around Cape Horn and the stalwarts who sailed around it. It relates the stories from Magellan to Fitzroy and Charles Darwin. I would say it is the most interesting book that I have ever read and it has led me to other books on the area such as Lucas Bridges "Uttermost Part of the Earth". Lucas Bridges was the son of
Robert Bridges who tried to convert the Fuegans to Christianity. His home - "Harberton" - not far from Ushuaia is now visited by cruise ship passengers. The book is a gem.
I was in touch with a Captain Ben who lives in Puerto Williams in the Beagle Channel and who, until recently ran a schooner - the Victory which did trips to Cape Horn, often landing his intrepid passengers there.
Indeed the whole area is fsacinating and all mariners will find the various tales like a Boys Own adventure.
Some old Conway boys who were in Royal Mail and PSNC used to call at Punta Arenas and I am sure many SN memebers will know the area well. I was privilged some years ago to go on a cruise ship from BA to Valparaiso visiting the Welsh colony in Patagonia and seeing the wonders of the Beagle Channel and Chilean fijords. Another OC, now deceased was brought up in Chile and in WW1, as a baby was on a ship chased by a German warship and hid in the fjords.
This is only a small indication of the great maritime history of this area. I reccomend anyone of nautical bent to look at this area. If you put "Victory Cruises " on Google you will get a website full of fascinating facts !
PS I think the Cape Horn book is available second hand at a pretty cheap price.

2nd January 2009, 19:29
Sounds interesting!

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2nd January 2009, 20:09
You are a very clever man you !
I wouldn't have a clue how to do such a task !