Rother and Oakley Classes

1st August 2005, 20:27
Does anyone have/know where I can see soe pictures of Rother and Oakley class lifeboats? It's just that I read about them in a book and have never seen any pictures of any.

Galley Boy
2nd August 2005, 20:54
A good book is Oakley Lifeboats by Nicholas Leach.Printed by Tempus Publishing Ltd 17-99 An illustrated history of Oakley & Rother Lifeboats

3rd August 2005, 20:13
Ok, thanks. I'll keep my eyes open, probably in charity shops.

Bob S
3rd August 2005, 20:22
Hi Newda898

RNLB RUBY and ARTHUR REED is an Oakley, see thread.
She is on static display at Hythe on Southampton Water.

4th August 2005, 19:16
Thanks Robert!

7th January 2006, 22:26
Hi I know its a long time since your post, but there are now a few pictures of Oakley life boats and 1 of a Rother which I posted a little while ago, if your ever near Chatham Kent its well worth popping to see the Lifeboat exhibition of which you will see all types of RNLB,

8th January 2006, 13:23
Great, thanks Phill. Sounds like something to do on a bored afternoon I think (Thumb)