The Trees Are All Young On Garrison Hill.

Hugh Ferguson
7th January 2009, 10:42
That is the title of a book which I would highly recommend especially to any members who have an interest or participated in the war in Burma.
The story was written by Gordon Graham, a Scot who served in the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders in the campaign to liberate Burma.
As some may know the tide of this battle turned at a place called Kohima. I can do no better than to quote from the frontispiece of the jacket, for this explains in detail how the book came to be published-it was rejected by publishers which is why the author had to resort to a private publication.

"The Trees are All Young is published by the Kohima Educational Trust, a Foundation formed by the surviving veterans of the British 2nd Division on the occasion of their final reunion in 2004. The Trust aims to honour the Naga's forbears who fought alongside the British troops in 1944 and also to provide a lasting memorial to the courage and sacrifice of all those who fought at Kohima. Its activities include scholarships for needy Naga schoolchildren, the provision of books for schools, seminars for teachers, school visits to the UK and twinning of British and Naga schools.
The author has assigned copyright to the Trust, which will receive all income after costs of production have been met".

My copy, which I have only just received (being a subscriber to this Trust I was notified by a letter from the secretary that just 100 copies remained of the 1,000 available), was numbered 961, so there are not many left!
The cost, (incl. postage) is a modest 18. If you wish to try for a copy apply to, The Secretary, The Kohima Educational Trust, 5 Beechwood Drive, MARLOW, SL7 2DH.

One of the many tributes from readers of the book is:- "I am touched by the beautiful writing. The book is well conceived and balanced. Together with intensely personal observations, it provides an astonishing amount of information. There is an immediacy about it, from preface to epilogue".