Sussex Trader

9th April 2004, 17:38
The propeller of Trader Navigation's stately SUSSEX TRADER thrashes the water as she undertakes her trials in this view dating 1947.

20th February 2006, 13:27
Does anyone know when the Sussex Trader was scrapped? I know (from this forum) that she became the Herbert Macualey and that she was sold to an Indian company (from research at the Maritime Museum) at one point. But know idea when she was eventually broken up.

My interest is that my dad served on her for 2 years when she as new. Going, I think, round the world on her tramping!


21st February 2006, 17:55
Hi Geoff/Ian

Geoff - the pic Ian is showing was the S.T.(1) built in 1947 and sold in 1954 to Malabar SS Co Bombay and r/n Janana and remained with them until laid up in 1962 and B/U in 1963.

The S.T. which became the Herbert Macaulay, on which I had dubious honour of sailing as R/O, was the second built in 1957 for Trader Nav sold in 1964 to Nigerian National Line then in 1976 to Dinamica Transmar Navegacion SA, Greece and r/n Anel D'Azur. Broken up at Gadani Beach in 1982.



Alan G
2nd December 2007, 18:53
Hi All

Does anyone know what happened to the Surrey Trader, I think it was built in the 50's by Swan Hunter at N.Sheilds, and I was on her in 1968 ish, we paid off in New Orleans when Denholms took her over, she was not as old as the Sussex Trader picture, and not as new as 1962, but I am having trouble locating her, she was Trader Navigation alright, I think there offices where at St.Mary axe in London, and I reconise that big T on the funnel

Dave Edge
3rd December 2007, 02:26
The only Surrey Trader I know of is the bulk carrier built by Austin & Pickersgill in 1964. In 1970 she was renamed Saturn, in 1978 Coraje and on 8 March 1985 arrived at Xingang to be broken up.

Alan G
3rd December 2007, 02:44
Hi Dave

I was on her in about, 68, I cant think she was new, being built 4 years earlier, Austin & Pickersgill sounds right, and bulk carrier we used to go up the great lakes to Detriot, load scrap cars, back to japan, and load rolls of steel, for detroit, as it hit the Quay, they would scrape off Nippon Steel, and replace it with U.S. Steel.

I will look for her under those other names,

Alan G
5th December 2007, 02:19
Hi Dave

I found these, and yes she is a BC, she used to go up the Great Lakes to Detroit, great trip.

Alan G

andy forbes
1st January 2008, 01:24
I did the maiden voyage on the Sussex trader/GWJL as a cadet, joined in Sunderland just after trials. Think it was 7th May 1957. We went to La Romana in dominican republic to load sugar for Liverpool the ship tied up ahead in La Romana was the "Crystal Cube"/GTPF we left La Romana and our berth was taken by the "Hudson Deep"/MPCR, we bunkered at San Juan and then to Liverpool. The second voyage was from Liverpool to Jucaro (an anchorage port) and then Cienfuegos Cuba. I Remember the ship on the other side of the jetty was an ex park boat the "Woldingham Hill"/GQTD (ex High Park) of the Counties Ship Management. We left Cienfuegos with a full cargo of bagged sugar for Japan via Panama Canal and San Pedro Calif. for bunkers and discharged at Osaka and Moji after Discharge we left for Manila and loaded copra for Rotterdam. I finished my apprenticship after Rotterdam and went to Colwyn Bay Wireless College. The wireless gear on the Sussex Trader was IMRC. The R/O on the maiden voyage was a chap called Hutchinson wanted to go back on colliers on the NE coast. The R/O on the second voyage was a chap called Gregory, who I later relieved on the coastal salvage ship "Dispenser"/MAAM (small world) After finishing at College I joined Blue Funnel. I had fond memories for the sussex trader.
Regards to all
Andy Forbes

1st January 2008, 01:56
Anyone come across a photo of the Welsh Trader, sailed on her as 2nd mate in 1956.


Alan G
1st January 2008, 03:32
Hi Andy and jacktar1

Happy new year to you both, I think the secret of a happy ship is often the ports it visits, and she was certainately a good one for that.

I think if you search for Welsh Trader in the Gallery you will find her.

Alan G.