S.S.------? Bowater

3rd August 2005, 00:07
I would appreciate if any one can help me with the name of this vessel and any information about her.
When I was an Apprentice in Verolme Cork dockyard about Jan '63 a Bowater vesel was towed in, she was a tripple expansion job, as I understood it the bucket on the Main Sea Water Circulating pump had come off and the rod had punched a hole in the pump bottom cover. The Fire brigade had to assist in pumping the Engine Room out. One doesn't exactly see the big picture as an Apprentice, I was just glad to be working in a warm Engine Room and not out on a cold slipway.
After I went to sea myself and had a few scares, I appreciated what the crew must have gone through.Can any one tell me what was the ship's name, and what became of her?

25th November 2005, 12:02
Hi Stoker, The name of the ship was Liverpool Packet, owned at that time by the Bowater Steamship Co. She was on a voyage from Northfleet to Carmenville, Newfoundland, in ballast, when the carrier for the head valves in the Edwards air pump disintegrated. Apart from other problems, she drifted for 8 days before the Elizabeth Bowater arrived on the scene and towed her back to Ireland, entering Cork harbour on 17 Dec 1962. After completing repairs at Verolme dockyard in Jan 63 the ship did one more trip to Norway for woodpulp before being laid up in Feb at the Blackwater, Essex. The ship was scrapped soon after the lay up.
The ship was one of the Canadian built 'Park' type vessels, constructed by the St John Shipbuilding & Drydock Co of Nova Scotia in 1945 and it's original name was Argyle Park.
The Mersey Paper Co of Liverpool, Nova Scotia owned the ship prior to Bowaters buying the paper company, hence the 'Liverpool' refers to Nova Scotia.


25th November 2005, 14:52
Welcome Jet to the site, It looks as though you will be an asset with a first posting like that, keep it up.

4th December 2005, 18:10
Do you have any more on the Argyle Park/Liverpool Packet?
Ref: http://members.shaw.ca/lesrussell/argyle_park.html


28th December 2005, 19:16
My dad sailed on the Liverpool Packet as 4th Mate between May and December 1961. When she was sold out of the Bowater fleet she wasn`t scrapped but went the way of many a fine vessel and was sold to a Greek shipping company and renamed Westport. In the 1966-67 Lloyds register she is down as being owned by Athos Shipping Co, POR Piraeus, Greece and renamed Athos.1969 she was renamed once more, tghis time ARAMIS, owners Cia de Navegacien Pinares, POR Mogadishu, Somali Republic. Last entry in Lloyds register 1976-77, no sign of her after that, presumed scrapped.

Geoff Bray
6th January 2006, 18:26
Hi There,
Interesting, I sailed with Bowaters mainly on the Nicolas Bowater, but in February 1963 they called me at home and asked me to join the "MARKLAND" (This was the other vessel owned by the Mersey Paper Mill in Nova Scotia) The Markland was in Cammell Lairds in Birkenherd with engine trouble, and the fourth engineer had hurt his hand, hence they asked me if I would sail on a short voyage to Sweden, anyway they decided not to make the trip and we sailed for the Blackwater in Essex where both vessels were going to be laid up, so I worked on the lay up of both the Markland and the Liverpool Packet. I remember it was very cold and there were ice flows in the river and with both vessels plants being shut down, we had no heat on the ships, it was a brutal week that I will never forget.
We had a bare skeleton crew and the two Chief stewards were doing the cooking (We had an oil fired stove in the galley) Erny Gellen and Ronnie ?, his name escapes me, They were using all the ships stores up, we had Steak and Eggs any time we wanted them, even though Bowaters were great FEEDERS anyway
They were Happy days now that I look back

7th January 2006, 13:22
You wouldnt be short of food if you had both Ernie Gelling and Ronnie Hinton to cook for you. How did you go with the drinks?


29th January 2006, 08:03
Hi Chaps, would it be o.k to use some of your info on my Liverpool Packet page on my Bowater website?

Geoff Bray
29th January 2006, 18:33
Be my guest, i have some other info and Pix, but have not found how to post them yet
Geoff Bray

9th February 2006, 06:08
Hi Ian,
Just let me know what information you require and I will see what the memory bank can recall.

Doug H
9th February 2006, 09:24
The current homepage of Ian Coombe's site has seven pix of Bowater ships. Have a look at http://www.mnnostalgia.com/ There may well be something there for you.

9th February 2006, 14:45
Hi guys! Yes any information literally, at the moment i am concentrating on the Liverpool Packet, I have the general information and photographs, but its stories, situations and ancedotes from you that were there that i would like to add. The idea is to cover one shiip at a time in the order they were built so the next one will be the Markland followed by Margaret Bowater, so get your memory caps on! Web address is www.bowatersteamshipcompany.no-ip.com, don`t know if i am allowed to give out my own e-mail address. Anyway thanks in advance.

9th February 2006, 14:53
By the way Jet are you initals J.C?

9th February 2006, 16:54
On my first trip on Brocklebank's Maihar our 2nd Eng was Jack Evans.
He had a similar experience on Harrison's Tribesman where the bottom of the Edwards air pump cyl. was blown out. They repaired by "chain rivetting" it, drilling a series of interlocking tapped holes with screwed rod inserts to marry the bits together. Needles to say he rejoiced in our knickname of "chain rivet Jack"!