3rd August 2005, 21:47
I have uploaded a few photos to the site with no problems. Now when I try, it say no images found. Any ideas? (Night)

michael james
3rd August 2005, 22:41
Are you uploading from "my pictures" on your pc, sounds as if you are not selecting correctly from your pc when prompted to browse.
If image is to large to upload, system tells you that, if it cannot detect an image at all then I would think it is a pc problem. Somebody with more expertise in these problems may well come up with an answer.

3rd August 2005, 23:54
I am doing exactly the same as I have done previously, strange! Sat here scratching my head at the moment. Will have to try another plan of attack!!

4th August 2005, 00:12
Got it sorted out! Cheers for your help!

11th May 2006, 22:15
Some help & information required.Coming back from the UK I was forced to off load 2/3 photo albums due to weight problems.Having negatives,black & white,thought I would buy some chemicals,paper etc & re do them but the years have gone by without it being done.Things have changed & it now can be done thru this whizz box in front of me as I have learnt from reading these threads.It is only 2.25x2.25 snapshots I will be doing so would appreciate guidance as to the least expensive but adequate gizzmo to do the job. KIWI

11th May 2006, 22:48

Like most things in life you get what you pay for. I have surveyed all the stuff about scanners and reached my own conclusions. No doubt other members will come up with different suggestions but I can thoroughly recommend the Epson Perfection 4990 Photo scanner.

You can use it to scan both prints or black/white and colour negatives of virtually any size, and colour slides. I have scanned prints, half plate negatives, 35mm negatives, tiny little negatives and colour slides with great results.

There are much cheaper scanners available but this one has served me well and I have been scanning many years worth of photos with it very successfully. It is fairly heavy - but scans quickly and is tough.



Bruce Carson
11th May 2006, 23:14
Until recently I've steered clear of scanners with a film adapter as most reviews I've read say that for good results you need a machine dedicated to film only and those tend to be pricey.
A couple of months ago I read the review for the general purpose Canon 8400f in PC Magazine, a magazine whose advice I've always found reliable.
For $129US I bought one and I'm totally amazed at the machine and its software. It scans slides and film with great results. It's probably not economical unless you have lots of film to upload as fairly good non slide scanners can be had cheaply, but mine will probably go on loan to my family to put their slides online too.
I ain't flogging Canon products, but anyone looking for a decent slide scanner at a reasonable price should perhaps take a look see.,1895,1712308,00.asp