Mysterious results on pictures

11th January 2009, 07:13
The picture attached is one of several I took last night of the Moon through the palm trees in the Garden. This one however, appears to have a loch Ness monster on it! Can any of you camera wizards out there tell me how this happened? (I did not put it there, it just appeared)

non descript
11th January 2009, 07:19
Hi Billy, I suspect that you had it set on a longish exposure and merely moved the camera a little during the time you were taking the shot, but ended up with a steady image.

11th January 2009, 12:04
In other words put the bottle down and use 2 steady hands, or get the other half to take it? Or if that donít work call the X-FILES?????????????????

Phill (Thumb)

11th January 2009, 20:16
Looks like one of those 'sperm' things. Did you wash your hands before taking it Bill ???(Gleam)

John Rogers
11th January 2009, 20:56
Billy a thing like that happened to me while in Korea. I took many pictures with a Canon camera 36 exposures,all of the shots were of the old battle sites and monuments from the war. I turned the roll in to a Korean shop to be developed,when I went to pick them up the guy along with his assistant was going nuts about one of the prints,the guy was actually scared of the print I had took of a Korean war monument which was a large cross between fallen soldiers,with an angel raising her arm to the heavens, a simple monument except in the picture there was a streak of light shooting out of her arm towards the sky. The camera did not let any light into the case because this was the only print that had it. Just a weird event, but to the Koreans they thought it was something from above.


Steve Woodward
11th January 2009, 21:04
Looks like you were standing under a palm tree taking a photo of the moon when alcohol upset your equilibrium and you fell backwards whilst still holding the shutter release (Pint) (Pint)

mike N
11th January 2009, 22:13
Could it be the infamous "Lampton Worm"? (Jester)

John Briggs
11th January 2009, 23:07
Bloody obvious Billy. It's the man in the moon!

12th January 2009, 03:36
Looks like you caught a streaker.

12th January 2009, 04:16
looks better upside down billyboy(Thumb)

12th January 2009, 08:08
looks better upside down billyboy(Thumb)

Ha Ha ... see what you mean Dom...LOL