Sinking of SS Coverack

13th January 2009, 08:30
I wonder if any of the members have any recollection / info on the sinking of the Coaster SS Coverack. roughly arond 1950
My Father, Thomas Douglas, sailed on her and was a good pal of the Captain and his son who was 1st Mate. Sorry I can't recall any names as i was just a nipper at the time.
After my Father left her she sank and the Captain and his son sadly drowned. I remember my Dad saying how kind they had been to him, and what a sad loss of two fine seamen.
Any help or assistance would be much appreciated, Thanks!


19th January 2009, 14:25
There was a motor coaster COVERACK under that name 1947-1953 but she was lost a lot later, in 1959 when she was RIVERGATE of Hull Gates Shipping, Hull. Cannot find any other COVERACK from that period. If you think this is the one, I can provide some more details.
Cheers, George

9th February 2009, 09:02
Hello Riversea,
I'm not sure this is the same vessel.
However I do have a pic of the Old girl, attached thumbnail.

gil mayes
9th February 2009, 17:35
Yes that is the COVERACK (180671) owned at the time by B. P. Skinner of Ramsgate. As George says she was sold in 1953 and it was to Richard H. Hunt & Co Ltd, Hull and became the RIVER WITHAM. Hunt also had the RIVER TRENT (163960). I am pretty sure that somewhere I have read an article about the COVERACK, but it will not come to mind at the moment.