100 Years Since first rescue at sea using Morse

steve Coombs
25th January 2009, 21:51
On the Friday, 23 01 2009 edition of the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme there was a brief piece that explained it was a hundred years ago that the first lives were saved using Morse/Wireless. There was in interview with David Barlow of the ROA who told what the anniversary was all was about.

I recorded the extract, anyone can download from the link below if intrested-Its quite short

Download interview using link below

K urgess
25th January 2009, 21:59
Actually 110 years, Steve
But most quote the Republic as the first.

steve Coombs
25th January 2009, 22:04
Oh is it, I just repeated the Today programme and the guy from Radio Officers Association did they get it wrong?

steve Coombs
25th January 2009, 22:12
Yes i see what you mean from your link

K urgess
25th January 2009, 22:14
Probably got it right, Steve.
The Republic was the first instance of the saving of life by the actions of the radio officer of the vessel involved.
The instance I quoted was the first time it was used to warn of a ship in trouble. Fortunately in that instance the ship refloated herself so you could say that no lives were saved by radio.
I always thought it unusual that nothing happened in the years between 1899 and 1909.

26th January 2009, 13:28
Take a look at :


for the BBC story.