Esso Bedford

Tai Pan
27th January 2009, 14:59
did 3 trips as R/O on Bedford.1951/2. Cpt Felgate-Palmer. any body got a photo? the only ship photo i am missing

27th January 2009, 15:22
Hi John
There are 4 pictures in Photoship. This link is the first:

Tai Pan
27th January 2009, 16:28
Thanks Ian, did not realise she was so, how can I put it, "used". also found other ships, john

Tony Crompton
28th January 2009, 11:24
I sailed as second mate with Capt. Palmer Felgate on Esso Hampshire in 1962/3. He bcame Commodore Master of Esso when Capt Tyrell retired in 1962. He went on to be Master of Esso London which was Esso's "Flagship" before the VLCCs were built.

Capt. Palmer Felgate was probably one of the kindest men I have ever met, yet still an excellent shipmaster.

He is pictured on



2nd February 2009, 22:05
Hi John,
I sailed on the Esso Bedford as the Electrician from 6-7-53 until
15-12-53 it was the hardest working ship I worked on during the
ten years I spent with Esso I was never out of the engine room,
but I did manage to get the flag ship in the end the building of the
Esso Liverpool at Monfalcone then sailed on her first voyage.

Norman Williams.

Tai Pan
4th February 2009, 14:22
I fully symapthise, all i can remember that it was very rare for both engines to be working at the same time. i was on her 1951-52. 3 months round trip UK-Ras tanura uk, shows how fast we went. Left Marconi after her and joined Blue Funnel.