villum clausen
8th August 2005, 11:49
Hello everbody
I'm Peter, 15 and living in France. I love ships, and want to be a Navel Architect later on (if any body know nything a bout navel architect, please tell me !!! lol)
Well, just wanted to say hi !!

8th August 2005, 12:10
Welcome to the site Peter it's good to see someone your age interested in ships. I hope you enjoy it and wish you good luck with your naval architect career

8th August 2005, 14:10
Hi Peter and welcome. I am sure there will be plenty of people here
who can answer your questions. There are plenty of pictures of ships
old and new so enjoy yourself.


8th August 2005, 18:54
Welcome Peter, good luck on your chosen career

8th August 2005, 21:54
Welcome Peter,

Please, when you become a Marine Architect, have a look at the beautiful shapes and looks of the old ships. Dont design boxes, design grace and beauty with plenty of curves.

Good luck, believe you will become an Architect and you will.

Chris. (Thumb)

michael james
9th August 2005, 00:07
Welcome to the SN site Peter.

To be a successful naval architect you will have to design whatever maritime customers want, hopefully the days of functional ugliness will be shortlived and you will be able to design beautiful ships. Good luck.

9th August 2005, 06:42
Welcome aboard, Peter. Nice to see a younger ships enthusiast joining. There's plenty here to inspire you I'm sure. Enjoy the site and good luck.

Doug Rogers
9th August 2005, 07:24
Welcome to SN. Enjoy the site and the members, Any questions about the site...just ask.

villum clausen
23rd August 2005, 10:21
Hello all, sorry I have'nt awsered quicker been on holidays !! Well, thank you all for you kind welcome. I pop down the libery some time to see if they have any of thoses plans. Lol, don't worry I'm not a big fan of thoses box type ships either. I love the lines of the old French Lines Normandie. I've got loads of books on the old luxury liners, and stuff like that. I'm working on getting some of my designs on my person web page, I'll keep you all updated (P.S. sorry for the atrochuse spelling, I havent lived in england for 5 years, and well, it is only 11 in the morning, haha !!!)