8th August 2005, 19:21
does anybody out there remember a salvage ship called the Dispenser, She sailed out of Liverpool in the 60s, i was on board when she lifted a Bucket dredger in Cork

8th August 2005, 19:49
The only salvage ship I have heard of with that name was H.M.S. Dispencer, of a 9 ship R.N. class of salvage ships. She was built about 1943. Dont know what happened to her or her sisters. Perhaps she was sold out of Service and carried on in a civillian role.


9th August 2005, 14:19
thanks chris, She is probibly the same ship as i belive she was RN at one time in her life

1st January 2006, 22:47
Don't know much about the vessel, but there was a Salvage vessel called the 'Dispenser' involved in the refloating of a Steeel & Bennie tug 'Cruiser' and a Kelly Coater called the 'Ballyhalbert' near Ardrossan in January 1958. I believe she arrived off Ardrossan 14-1-58 and was there for around 3 weeks. Willie

2nd January 2006, 15:04
SS Dispenser. 775 tons built 1943 by Smiths Dockyard, Mdb. 152.7 x 35.7 x 14.6.
3 cylinder steam engine by shipbuilders. Owned by Admiralty, registered Southampton.
Code flags BJLR.