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8th August 2005, 20:58

I'm posting this for my Dad, who happens to be a complete technophobe but wants to try and find out what happened to some of the ships he served on when he was in the MN. He is 77 years old now if that helps give some idea of the time the ships would have been in service. It is a rather long list, sorry:

MV Trevose (ships No BFMS, launched August 1944)
SS Birdale (Burnesse Shipping Co)
SS Penhale (Chellow of Falmouth. I am aware she survived WW2 but that is all)
MV Peebells
MV Lochybank (shipping Co may have been Andrew Weir or Baulk Line)
King Edgar (King Line shipping Co)
MV Taybank
MV(?) Eskbank
SS Gronegen (GSN)
MV Heron (GSN)
SS Shelldrake (GSN. Apparently she was a German ship gained After WW2)
MV Drake (GSN)

Anything anyone knows would be much appreciated and pictures would be VERY greatly received! Or even if you know of any good web sites where I can find out for myself.



8th August 2005, 22:51
Hi Vic,

Built by Stettiner Vulkan Werft A.G. in 1944 as Njong for the Deutsche-Afrika Line .
1925 gross tons. 288ft x 44ft. Engines C4cyl.

May 1945 taken in prize at Flensburg and renamed Empire Garland.
1947 Sheldrake
1959 Sallemstar - Johal Nav Ltd. Liberia
1960 Ambelos - Johal Nav Ltd Greece
1961 Marmina - N.J. Goumas Greece
1968 Filio - C. Raikos & F. Raikou, Greece
June 1972 Scrapped Aspropyrgos, Greece

Edited to Add Lochybank:

Built as Empire Honduras 7320 GT by Short Brothers Pallion Sunderland
431ft x 56.3 ft. Engines T3Cyl.
There is a photo of her under this name in the book below on page 113.
Launched 27.6.1945 Completed October 1945
1948 Lochybank - Andrew Weir (Bank Line)
1954 Stad Haarlem - Netherlands
1963 Union Fair - Liberia
April 1969 Scrapped Kaohsiung

Edited to Add King Edgar

Built as Empire Gambia Harland & Wolff Ltd. Govan.
A Y type ship. 432ft x 56ft. Engines T3cyl.

Launched 14th May 1944
Completed July 1945 (sounds pretty dozy compared with the rate they were spewing out Sam boats etc. Didn't they know there was a war on ?)

1946 King Edgar - King Line
4th May 1959 arrived Kobe for breaking up.

Information from Mitchell and Sawyer - The Empire Ships 2nd Edition.


9th August 2005, 20:36
To All,

Wow! You lot are quick!! Thanks for this info (and I now know how to spell Peebles, oops!).
I will let my Dad know straight away. I am sure that he will actually be quite sad to know that so many of his old ships have been broken up (as much as he probably knew thay had been, to have it confirmed is another thing...)

If anyone happens to know any more i will be very grateful for any info.

Thank you all so much for letting me know so quickly. (Thumb)


9th August 2005, 21:34
Hi Vic:

There were two 'Taybanks'

The first one was built in 1930. 5627 gt
Sold to Hong Kong breakers arriving 31/1/60

Tke latest one was:

'Taybank' 7350 gt/1963

1963 - -1978 Wir Andrew and Co. London
1978 'Good Breeze' Good breeze Inc, Monrovia GK
Sialed under Greek Glag (Good Faith Shipping Co S. A. Piraus)
1982 Transferred to Panamanian Flag (same name)
1984 'Athos' Athos Navigation S. A. (Panamanian Flag same managers)
1984 Sold to Bangladesh Breakers arriving Chittagong Roads 21.11.85

I will look through my files and see if I have any picks - I think I have somewhere

Regards Peter (marlinspike)

9th August 2005, 21:51
Hi Vic:

Another off the list:

Chellew Navagation Co. LT., London (Est. 19120

'Penhale' : 4071 gt/ 1924 J. Priestman/George Clark
1948: Managed by Baden H. Roberts,London
1954: 'Prevese' Sadikzarde Rusen Ogullari: Instanbul (Turkish Flag)
1961: Sold to Yugaslav Breakers arriving Beograd 25.6.61

12th January 2006, 22:48
Hello Vic,

I sailed as Radio Officer on M.V. Eskbank from December 1958 until September 1960. Great old ship. The following details might interest you: -
Flag: British
Call Sign: GZRJ
Official No: 164117
Tonnage: 5137 Gross 3039 Net
Built: 1937 Completed by William Doxford & Sons Ltd., Sunderland
4 cylinder 2 S.C.S.A. Doxford oil engine. N.H.P. 687.
General: Completed for Inver Transport and Trading Co Ltd (A. Weir and Co. managers).

1961: Sold to Chip Hwa Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd., Singapore and renamed HSIN ANN.

1965: Sold Hwa Aun Co. (Hong Kong) Ltd. (Chip Hwa Shipping and Trading Co. Ltd., managers, Hong Kong.

1967: Sold to shipbreakers at Singapore and arrived at Singapore Roads 13.06.1967.

I have pictures but poor quality. If anyone has some good ones I'd appreciate them.

Hugh MacLean
12th January 2006, 23:49
Hello Vic,

Drake (3) General Steam Navigation Built 1938. 531 tons. 1966 sold to Greece renamed Christos II.
pic here: http://www.simplonpc.co.uk/

Heron (4) General Steam Navigation Built 1937. 2,374 tons. 1956 transferred to Moss Hutchison Line renamed Kufra, 1959 sold to Lebanon renamed Arden.
Heron (5) General Steam Navigation Built 1957. 943 tons. 1969 sold to Reliable Caterers Ltd, Torquay renamed Thelma P.

Groningen (2) General Steam Navigation Built 1928. 1.202 tons.1958 renamed Philomel, 1961 scrapped.

7th March 2008, 20:03
Thanks everyone!


7th March 2008, 20:18
Hi Vic.

You been in a coma or something? :)

I hope the above information was of help. You could also check out the SN Gallery which has search facilities. There have been a whole load of photos added since you were last here.



8th March 2008, 11:22
Greetings Vic and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.