Benny BanksI

john richards
6th February 2009, 15:23
Ben Banks ex Chief Refridgeration Engineer with Fyffes passed away on the 26.1.09. His funeral is on the 10.2.09 Landican crematorium Centre [email protected] noon. R.I.P.

Jim S
6th February 2009, 16:19
Very sorry to read of Benny's death - He was Frig Engineer on Camito for a number of trips while I was there in late 1960's -early 1970's.
In case others that new Benny wish to know -where is Landican Crematorium?

6th February 2009, 16:52
Welcome John to SN albeit on a sad note. Your info will be appreciated by ex Elders lads. Bon voyage.

6th February 2009, 19:06
Landican is between Woodchurch and Thingwall on the outer limits of Birkenhead (on the other side from Arrowe Park, site of the first Scout Jamboree). Accessed by the M53, Woodchurch Roundabout. Many of my relatives are "feeding" the Rose Garden!

11th February 2009, 18:54
Sorry to hear about Benny, spent some good hours of intership rivalry/hospitality with him when the fleet met up at various ports in either UK or abroard. When I first met Benny he was a junior eng or was on fridge watches, If I recall correctly he had a brother who was also with us. Yes we had the occasional lemonade in the Miles Arms Avonmouth or the equivalent in either Southampton, if they were standing/by. I think we did as many repairs in the ale house as we did at sea, never saw much of them when we docked at Garston. I guess they were on the Royal Iris and away home. Away chain blocks now. We had some good laughs and the good memories remain.

Leslie Richmond
12th February 2009, 03:35
Benny Banks ? did he not have a brother Bobby Banks ? also a refridg-Eng ? I believe he died some time after I met him on an 'M' boat - his wife was German. (From Vegasack- near Bremmen - wher the 'T' boats were built). I think I sailed with him on the Darian, 1976, I was 1st trip 2nd mate

Les Richmond

12th February 2009, 09:30
Sorry to hear about Benny.Sailed with him on the Tucurinca sept63 /feb64.If I remember correctly he a powerful radio and we listened to football matches in his cabin

12th February 2009, 19:46
Sorry to hear of Benny,s Passing , knew him and Bobby well when I was with

Harry campbell

Jim S
12th February 2009, 20:58
The answer to your three questions is Yes - Bobby and Benny were brothers,
Bobby died a number of years ago and his wife was German.