EMMA MAERSK - interesting facts and drawings

8th February 2009, 17:55
Some interesting figures of this very often and very controversal discussed ship :-)

http://www.eu-magalog.eu/uploads/media/080122_Energie_Schifffahrt_008_Anders_Hultqvist_Ma ersk_08.pdf

Although it's not anymore a single ship but there are 8 of this type trading the sea.

11th February 2009, 11:45
Cornelia, for some reason I cannot read your attachment, can you tell me if this was the Ship that had a "secret" bilge by-pass overboard line fitted for which the Company was heavily find by the American's when they came across/informed of it.

11th February 2009, 12:16
Thanks for that Cornelia, a great assembly of detail for these big ships.