Hms Zenith

13th February 2009, 19:52
Hi ive been following the discussions on Whimbrel and Zenith for a while, but as there have been no posts on either subject i thought id toss a few questions into the ring, to allow those with better practical knowledge than i to have a crack at answering them
If zenith could be bought from the egyptian navy, how much (approx) would she cost to buy, ship back and refit, would it be practical to re-fit her to full sea going condition? I merely ask out of idol speculation, though one can dream!

1st January 2010, 16:41
I`m a member of the Z class Destroyers Assoc and today on the home page was a picture of the sinking of the ZENITH yet when trying to view this photo I was told that I had no permission to do so, can someone tell me why this is, this is not the first time this has happened.

Dave (ceylon220)

stevo r6 86
4th January 2010, 12:10
ceylon220 hi i have had that problem right here on this site,it said i do not have permission to view this picture, i must admit i dont know if i had not logged in at that point tho? no idea tho why you wasnt allowed unless its something to with the copyright laws?

5th January 2010, 10:14
Am I right in reading this that she has now been sunk?

5th January 2010, 10:39
A thought occurred to me on this subject of not getting this picture,maybe this ZENITH is not a warship but a fishing boat, the small photo did`nt give much detail and apparently you have to register for the fishing forum before you can view, I was hoping that one of our Moderators would have come up with the answer.


Has anyone a photo of the warship ZENITH ?

10th January 2010, 12:16
Greetings Ceylon220, - ref: HMS Zenith.

Pictures, ? This might help.
Try Royal Navy Picture Desk on the Royal Navy Photographic Image Database web site,
You have to register, but then you have access to loads of photos by just entering the ships name.

12th January 2010, 18:44
I hope she hasn't been sunk, always had a bit of a pie in the sky plan for this ship, if my euromillions ticket ever comes up!

15th March 2014, 16:56
HI Ship mates. I was on HMS Zenith 1944/1947 L/Stoker theirs a thread,in ships . nostalgia Incident in channel .By Twister .Any questions I will be pleased to answer TWISTER

15th March 2014, 17:11
Hello Ceylon220 As a member Z class Assoc was you at the last reunion . TWISTER