Chris Mullaney A.B. Looking for old shipmates

chris mullaney
17th February 2009, 21:42
Hi, Was with blue star from 1976-1981. Was on the Hobart Star on the kiwi coast in 1977. wondering if theres any of you lads out there? Chris Mullaney A.B.

10th March 2009, 22:59
hi chris mate good to hear your ok mate all is well in sunny widnes ha ha rainin allday driving container cranes nowdays not to bad long hours thou take care of yourself mate regards and y russ shane

8th January 2010, 12:23
Hi is that Chris who was working for OCL in the early 80s

Alex Salmond
19th March 2011, 12:09
Hello mate,
Just caught your post as I only found this site a few weeks ago I recognise your name also Paul Gregorys name and John Coopers name sound familiar im sure I sailed with them If Johns a Geordie I sailed with him on the Columbia Star What a boring F***** ship that was all old geezers who turned in at 7 pm ,I spent most of my time on the Kiwi coast on the Auckland,Hobart ,Fremantle ,Southland,Welly stars and others great time if you were on the Hobart in 77 you must have been on there with allthe lunatics Kenny Caroll ,Kev Maunder Mad Arthur and also my old cabin mate off the Fre,Wally Kojak who lives in Perth now ive been in touch with him lately and he hasnt changed ive been down here in Kiwi since 89 when I left the merch sometimes take a walk along the docks nothing there now of course just memories for us old fellas even the schooners closed where we used to have liveners in the morning,my profiles on here so get in touch if you feel like a crack,Cheers,Alex Salmond