Hello to all

15th August 2005, 05:52
Hello all,

ship mates & land lubbers..

I'm Captain V. Williams. MNI, currently in Singapore working as a Marine Consultant.

Looking for any ex ship mates from the UK?


Doug Rogers
15th August 2005, 07:39
Welcome aboard, enjoy the site and the members, any questions just ask, the members are a knowledgeable lot.

15th August 2005, 07:44
Welcome aboard. Enjoy the site and what we have to offer.

15th August 2005, 11:09
Welcom aboard Captain, you wont get the Captains job on here though...LOL but you do have a great crew ... the best! hope you enjoy this site as much as wer all do.

15th August 2005, 12:00
Welcome Litavan, You are most welcome on this site, any amusing stories you may have will be welcome.

michael james
15th August 2005, 19:32
Welcome aboard Captain, Hope you enjoy the site and look forward to your input.