French Warship Sunk WW1 by German Sub

22nd February 2009, 06:37
I recently read a small notation about a French Warship that was sunk during WW1 in the Med with with the lose of a great part of its 1000 crew. The French Warship was sunk by a German Sub during WW1 and was recently located by accident by a Dutch Survey Crew plotting the route of a proposed submerged gas pipe line.
An ROV took photos of the vessel which is upright and in good condition and is several hundred metres below the surface. The Dutch crew have relocated the proposed gas line to bypass the Warship.
Does anyone have any more info on the ship, its crew etc.


Ron Stringer
22nd February 2009, 08:50
Have a look here

24th February 2009, 07:43
Thanks for that Ron

Richard Maskiell
2nd March 2009, 11:35
The Danton was sunk by U 64 on 19.3.1917 with loss of 296 lives. She had been launched 4.7.1909 and completed in 1911.