wild curlew

captain redmond gillen
15th August 2005, 13:37
i sailed on reefer wild curlew for p+o general cargo division in seventies
would like to contact others who did.

captain redmond gillen

15th August 2005, 13:48
Hi and welcome to Ships Nostalgia.I/m quite sure someone out there might be able to help.Enjoy looking around the site and maybe seeing any pics or sharing reminiscences.Have a look at Guides to Posting on the Members' notice Board which should answer any questions.

15th August 2005, 16:32
In about 1975 there were huge delays for cargo ships bringing various goodies for the Shah of Persia. About 600 ships were anchored off the Shatt-al-Arab waiting to berth at Abadan and Khorramshahr. 'London Bombardier' was there for about 5 months, but there were others there for over a year! Remember the Wild reefers showing up and going straight in! That happened for obvious reasons, but it made us spit at the time. Fairly sure 'Wild Curlew' was one of them. Some of them showed up more than once I think.

When we finally got alongside and discharged our cargo of Christmas trees, balloons and other rubbish, it all seemed worth while. Presume the reefers got in quick so that the MK pork didn't go off.

Welcome to the site.

John T.

Steve Gray
15th August 2005, 17:36

I worked on the Manapouri (P&O) as a repairman fitting new exhausts whilst she was in Avonmouth in I think it was 1977, was she that same ship as Wild Curfew?.

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15th August 2005, 17:39
Welcome Captain, enjoy the site and you must have some stories to tell us.

15th August 2005, 20:11
Welcome aboard, Captain. Enjoy the site and what we have to offer. We have a pretty good record of re-uniting old shipmates, so you may be in luck.

I worked on the Manapouri (P&O) as a repairman fitting new exhausts whilst she was in Avonmouth in I think it was 1977, was she that same ship as Wild Curfew?.

Right company, wrong ship. MANAPOURI was renamed WILD MARLIN in November 1977.

Peter Fielding
16th August 2005, 16:50
I stood by Wild Curlew during the latter stages of her fitting-out at the builders (Lubecker Flenderwerke) in Lubeck, and sailed on her sea-trials and delivery voyage, officially signing on in Lubeck on the 28th. June 1973 as 4th. Engineer. I signed off and immediately back on, in Cardiff on the 30th. July, and finally left her in Los Angeles on the 6th. December 1973. Never having been in the habit of keeping a diary, I am unable to enlighten you as to what ports we visited, or what cargoes we carried during that period. I do know that Japan and the west coast of the States featured. She was certainly a lovely ship. I subsequently went on to sail in Wild Flamingo, Wild Cormorant and Wild Gannet.
I hope the above information will be of interest.

13th March 2007, 20:54
I did my first trip to sea on the Wild Curlew in 1980 (and my second on the Wild Cormorant - wonderful breadth of experience as an engineer cadet!)
Joined in Antwerp and took spuds down to Buenos Aires. Sailed through magellan Straits and up to Puerto Bolivar/Guayaquil for bananas. I think we stopped in Valparaiso for bunkers. Thence to Long Beach to discharge. then on to Vancouver and Seattle for salmon, apples and pears. There back through Panama to Fort Lauderdale. picked up grapefruit and off to Le Havre, Bremerhaven and Helsingbourg - paid off after the best trip to sea of my life. Wonderful FAST little ship. She would take a 5 degree list at full speed due to the torque from the single screw.
I think Grannie Laidlaw was the old man (I could be wrong on that one upon reflection) and most of the engineers were Geordies. Sandy McGillivray was the Sparks and Willie someone was 2nd Mate (little Scots guy looked like Wullie from the Simpsons!)
I subsequently saw her in Martinique all painted up as the Athenian Reefer (I think) but you could still see the old name underneath the paint. I went on board and found her pretty grubby inside. My old engine room standing orders were still under perspex in the control room though! (chief engineer made me type them up for him)
Hope this rings some bells

Jess Muir
[email protected]