Looking for Liberty ship HRVATSKA used by Yugolinija in 1963.

Rayburn Beale
25th November 2017, 16:44
In 1962 or 1963 a converted Liberty ship named the Hrvatska took me and other youths from pier 2 in Brooklyn to Genoa with stops in Casablanca and Tangiers and a brief ancorage at Gibraltar. The passage was arranged by a Greenwich Village travel agency and cost $100. The Yugoslav captain was 35 years old, played the guitar and once provided the passengers with rum which allowed me to be a first and only time drunk. We 15 passengers had the run of the ship including the engine room. There's much more to tell and if by some miracle a reader of this was one of the passengers, please contact me. Thanks.

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Stephen J. Card
25th November 2017, 18:21
Here she is.... HRVATSKA. (Note spelling.)

Not a Liberty, she was a Victory ship, built 1944 as ST LAWRENCE VICTORY.

Good luck with your passenger list!


Rayburn Beale
26th November 2017, 03:15
Thank you Steven Card!

Stephen J. Card
26th November 2017, 06:50

A pleasure.

Try google the ship... as HRVATSKA. In 'images' there are several photos of the ship and some showing in the NY Lower Bay. Some show with black hull.


Rayburn Beale
27th November 2017, 00:17
Thanks very much Stephen, With your advice I was able to find a number of photographs and some history of the Hrvatska. I have also been looking (without success) for information and photographs of the Slovenija on which I boarded in Rijeka and returned to the US during the Ash Wednesday Storm 1962. 30 foot waves and passengers with broken bones. I have posted the photographs in my album.

Stephen J. Card
27th November 2017, 10:38
Here is your SLOVENIJA.

Not to hard the photo. Best place to search for a ship is in....



Looks like a prewar.... Norwegian style... or German. No other detail at the moment. I will continue the search.


Stephen J. Card
27th November 2017, 12:39
Her IMO Number is 5332240

5523 grt Built 1951.

Rayburn Beale
2nd December 2017, 04:02
Sorry to take so longer to say a BIG thank you. The SN site was down for me and I could not log on. Not only thanks to you did I find several more photos of the Slovenija but also a few more of the Hrvatska. I'll try to put them in my photo gallery. Again you da man. Thanks. Ray