Hello there

17th August 2005, 14:56
(Thumb) Hi there, I'm Gregor and have just joined. Interested in ship all my life and served with Blue Star Ship Management many years ago on BSL, ACT and Lamport + Holt Line ships.
Still finding my way around, but looking forward to it.

17th August 2005, 16:17
Welcome to the site Gregor. Plenty of stories to read
and pictures to look at. Once you get into the swing of things,
hopefully you will have some interesting stories to contribute.


17th August 2005, 17:11
Welcome to SN

17th August 2005, 19:11
Wellcome Gregor, nice to have you with us, plenty of sea yarns on this site, hope not to meet you in your official capacity.L+H trust you are eating well these days.

17th August 2005, 19:32
Welcome Gregor, (Wave)

Plenty of info and fun on this site, you will enjoy it. I have to say I always ate well with L+H, no complaints in that direction. Ships were a bit spartan but I still loved them.

Snap with your occupations, I did exactly the same. Retired from the job in 2001 after 30years service.


17th August 2005, 21:32

Im Jason. Have you worked on any cruise ships?

Hi Jason, no I'm afraid not. Been on quite a few though as a child..Northern Star, Canberra, Oriana, Arcadia.

michael james
17th August 2005, 22:49
Welcome Gregor, Hope you enjoy all on offer at SN

Doug Rogers
17th August 2005, 22:51
Welcome aboard, enjoy the site and what SN has to offer.

Marcus Cardew
18th August 2005, 18:07
Welcome Gregor, from an old ACT3 Hand....
(All the best with these Loons......)